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Can I take your classes even if I live outside the U.S. or in a state that doesn’t require CEs?

Absolutely. The classes being Continuing Education approved is a benefit, not a requirement. If you don’t need the CE credits, you can still benefit greatly from the education. In fact, many of our classes, such as How to Build a WordPress site, are a fantastic value for entrepreneurs too. While classes are currently set up for Massage Therapist per State requirements, you can click on the first state to see all the class offerings within, and choose if you’d like to join the monthly membership so each month you can watch classes such as my Insurance Billing 101 class at a fraction of the usual $250 price tag, or learn safer body mechanics, learn self care yoga customized especially for your needs after along day of working on clients, learn Reiki, and so much more… right from he comfort of your own home. Starting at only $24.99 per 1 hour class. Or per month. Whichever you choose. Sign up, to learn from practicing experts in this field and beyond, with the ultimate convenience and ease of payment.

What are Continuing Education (CE) classes?

Continuing Education Classes follow guidelines, and are approved, by governing agencies over professions such as Massage Therapy, Cosmetology and Nursing. However, we are extending this to include classes not required, for entrepreneurs because the the bulk of our Instructors equally passionate about business building. Particularly passive income generated businesses.

How do I know if my State requires me to take Continuing Education classes, or even allows me to take classes online?

Just go to our CE class page, and click on the picture of your State. Once you sign in you’ll be able to see all the requirements written there for you. We’ve done all the work, so you don’t have to.

Are all the classes worth $25 per hour?

Continuing Education classes typically cost between $10 and $44 per hour (per 1 CE). Some of our classes currently sell for up to $100 per hour, but we include them, so over the long term of your membership with us, you will feel the tremendous value we provide, while feeling the ease of only small monthly withdrawals automatically then from your back account.

Do I have to have a credit card to sign up?

You do have to have a credit or debit card to be able to purchase either an individual CE class, or join the membership. Your credit card is held in a safe banking channel and is ready for you to use when you choose to make purchases.

What is the difference between taking my required Continuing Education Classes online and in person?

Taking classes online is more convenient, less expensive, and offers more variety to choose from, than live classes. With our exclusive monthly auto pay plan, you can sign up for only $24.99 withdrawn every month, and know your allowable online  classes will be completed by the end of your renewal period. It’s a set up that gives you ease and peace of mind. However, some states don’t allow online classes to go towards the State renewal requirements, some only allow a portion too, and some restrict the amount of classes you can take online. Those states are the minority, and all requirements are clearly listed in your State file so you are prepared. We love live, in person classes. The do cost more, and require much more planning, but are worth it for more extensive hands on classes. In the end, it’s all about what you need. Our online classes are a perfect for those that are busy, on a budget, and/ or  want access to high quality education at any time from the comfort of their home. it’s a great feeling to know you’ve followed your States laws and will never have to worry about costly IRS fines or lapse in licensing.

I’ve signed up for membership. Now what?

Depending on which membership you signed up for, after the first payment has gone through you will be able to access the equivalent number of CE classes. One important thing to note, is that if you signed up for the 1 CE per month package, but wish to take a 2 or 3 CE class, you will need to buy additional credits. However, if you buy the 2 CE package per month, you can take both 1 and 2 CEs without additional credits needing to be purchased. And 3 per month CE packages will allow you to buy all available classes without additional credits. Please, before you watch any videos, read your state requirements in the folders provided under your state to ensure you watch all required class videos.

How long do I have to watch my video and take the required questionnaire to receive my NCBTMB certificate?

When you sign up for a membership or individual class, you have 30 days to watch it before access will expire. If it expires you will be asked to repurchase the class with additional credit. We chose 30 days based on extensive surveys with the community that felt being held accountable to taking the CE classes would be an additional benefit. If you buy credits, those last for up to ten years before expiring.

How do I get my NCBTMB Certificate after taking the class?

Every step of this process is automated for your ultimate convenience. The moment you begin watching a class video and email will be sent to your email on file. This will include you required class Survey questions, and a place to answer the questions asked of you at the end of each video. On you answer both of these and click “reply” you are sent your Certificate and correct answers. Please remember to fill all information out on the survey fully and completely for accurate Certificates.

Why should I take my Required Continuing Education classes?

Because IRS auditing happens more than you can imagine. Because if you are audited and they see you have not taken your required classes and stated you did it will be costly and unfortunate for you. You can be fined and lose your license temporarily. And because learning is fun. And the more you learn, the more successful you will be in you career, and the happier you will make your clients. The best entrepreneurs in the world make it a point to learn something, every day. And so should you.

I thought I was purchasing a 1 CE class, but the video is only 50 Minutes long? Why?

NCBTMB requires that 10 minutes of breaks are added into every 1 CE (1 hour class). Likewise, you may find that up to two minute has been given for you to answer each required question at the end of each class. Again, these are standard requirements and your class has been approved by NCBTNB, so you need not worry.

Why is there content unrelated to Massage Therapy on this site?

While Meagan Holub, the founder of the site, has educated in the Massage Therapy field, she has also consulted entrepreneurs, authors and medical care providers. Meagan has the type of personality that is inspired to create new businesses, challenge herself in new ways, and continue to think outside of the box. As much as she loved her career as a Massage Therapist, she is now a media personality with an expanding company who wants to inspire the world, not jus the community. Luckily, she is surrounded by savvy, passionate educators in the Massage Therapy field that can take over when she doesn’t have enough hours in the day to generate knew ideas and help the community that she loves.

L’UmiNation is Meagan’s place to educate, inspire, and share her life and business, dreams and struggles, in hopes that it can serve as an example. She became “The Celebrity Massage Therapist” and built The Love Institute by thinking bigger, continuing to learn, challenge herself and surrounding  herself with interesting people from all professions, and from all walks of life. In this way, she believes, everything she is and does, is inexorably linked to her career in Massage Therapy and yet, she has a deep desire to connect and share with humans who need inspiration, not just one group of professionals. To light up people who dream of being entrepreneurs, authors, peaceful warriors, wound lickers, or crave to just be their authentic selves. The world can be a divisive place if you let it. Lumination is the opposite, a place where people can feel safe, and will be encouraged, to be the best and brightest version of themselves. All of themselves. Meagan believes the  evolution of business will from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. And she’s prepared to be just that.

I left comments on your blog and they were taken down? Why? don’t you believe in free speech?

Absolutely we believe in free speech. We also believe in our mission, which is creating a safe place for people to learn, share ideas and creativity. We feel hate speech and trolling blocks that process more than blocking trollers blocks free speech. Because if you don’t have something nice to say, you can always go say it somewhere else. Every morning our blogs are searched for spam, hate speech, trolling, and anything deemed damaging, libelous, or worse, towards us or others. We then save the information on file, delete the post, and if offensive enough, or it happens enough times, block the poster. Because it’s our world, our mission, and we can build it as we see fit. We choose love, over hate.

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    Susie Bruckman
    September 16, 2015 at 10:31 am

    I chose a 1 credit hour class on 9-15-15 and received a receipt yesterday showing the credit to take in the next 30 days. Per Laura Allen I used the discount code for 1 free credit hour to check out and everything went smooth. This morning I went to view the video class for the credit and nothing happens when I hit the continue button. I am not able to access the class video. I wanted to make you aware of it and hopefully it can be resolved. I know I haven’t got any money on the line with the free credit discount promotion but I have already invested 1 1/2 hours of my time this morning trying to access and figure out and spent about that same time yesterday signing up and checking out your classes. I am in NC. I also tried to use the 50% off LUMI discount promotion for 1 credit but it wouldn’t take it. I would appreciate some feedback. Thank you.

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