Confessions of The Celebrity Massage Therapist: A Memoir

During her 25 year career as a Celebrity Massage Therapist and Couples Massage Expert for A Listers, All Stars, Rockstar and Royalty, Meagan Holub discovered the magic to maintaining successful longterm relationships, and finding Mr. or Mrs. Right (or Right Now), dwells within our fingertips. After working with thousands of couples and interviewing thousands more individuals, she uncovered the most powerful form of communication between all people, is touch. Over time, a pattern emerged and revealed, undeniably: every person is a mixture of five Touch Type personality traits. All, not only desire, but need, touch delivered in uniquely specific ways.

Which Touch Type are YOU?

The Hedonist:  The first one in any room to give a hug to a stranger, without hesitation

The Sensualist: The artist of touch, with the enviable ability to make your partner feel heightened sensations they never before knew existed

The Submissive: An open and non-judgmental partner in touch experimentation, with  your trusted partner

The Controller: Fierce and determined; you’re always in control of the touch dynamic

The Pragmatist: A genius at making your object of desire feel like they’re the most important person in the room, through strategic use of touch

In this book you will discover you and your loved ones “Touch Types”, and will gain entirely new understanding of the world around you. With this groundbreaking information, past relationship dynamics will gain new meaning, and current relationships, romantic and non-romantic, will grow in intimacy, trust, and connection.

Whether you’re still searching for the love of your life and desire a quick and easy compatibility guide, or want your marriage to return to puppy love and Sundays spent under the covers… Touch Types puts all this and more, within your reach.


~ Meagan Holub, Author and Celebrity Massage Therapist